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Undoubtedly, the more integrated the ASEAN region, the more necessary it will be for local players to take part in the regional field. Along with the enormous challenge of this integrated market, new and highly potential marketing opportunities present itself. Now, it is up to businesses to identify and harness opportunities to their advantage. Other resources put together articles on ASEAN and its issues/affiliations for business leaders/academicians/students to learn more about ASEAN, beyond ASEAN as one market.

“Around the Markets: Asean Markets Outperform Larger Region”
Bloomberg News, Sunday, November 19, 2006

Latest performance report of ASEAN in terms of stock prices and growth. A positive prediction of ASEAN’s performance this year includes JP Morgan’s “Southeast Asia should surpass the rest of Asia in profit growth next year”

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“ASEAN Today and Tomorrow”
Rodolfo C. Severino, Jr., Former Secretary-General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
A collection of selected speeches from Severino, 2002.

Comprehensive coverage of topics ranging from ASEAN’s foundation for regional peace and progress, its integration, partnership in the global community, and how ASEAN should face its future.

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“Analysis: The ASEAN-China Partnership – A Blossoming Relationship”
Studies Unit, Bureau for Economic Integration and Finance
ASEAN Secretariat, November 2006

Discusses the notable developments in Asean-China economic cooperation and integration which includes topics on competing problems, domino effect, dynamic trade, widening deficits and upgraded capabilities.

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“ASEAN, China and India: Comparative Economic Performance, Issues and Implications”
ASEAN Secretariat’s Studies Unit Brief, November 2006

The series of Studies Unit briefs focus on production, trade and investment in ASEAN, China and India, It highlights some of the long-term development trends and their causes, adnt eh related issues and implications in the regional, pan-Asian and global context.
Time reference: 1990 – 2005

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“The ASEAN System”
Asian Affairs and S. Jayakumar, Winter, 1998

An interview between Asian Affairs and S. Jayakumar, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore on ASEAN, its differences with the EU, whether it has achieved its goals, etc.

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