Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing Library

Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing has one of the largest collection of Marketing books and resources in Southeast Asia. Boasting of more than 6000 books, articles and case studies, the PKCAM library offers a comprehensive range of knowledge and insights on marketing and the Southeast Asia market. This learning hub is driven by a thirst for marketing knowledge and a belief that marketing is founded on sound concepts, founded truths and the wisdom and experiences of the business thinkers and marketers before us.

It is the epicentrum for learning Marketing in Southeast Asia.

The library is our own home-grown collection of the latest and most important business and marketing books from all over the world. Ranging from classic articles not to be foregone to the recent blood-pumping, exciting hot ideas not to be missed, the PKCAM library has it all. Not only that, we have a collection of the best journals, the best business magazines, and most popular cases. We also have numerous books on Asia, distinguished corporations and public figure

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