MarkPlus Center for Transportation and Logistics (MPCTL)

MarkPlus Center for Transportation and Logistics is a professional center that addresses the challenges and improves the capabilities of transportation and logistics players in Indonesia. One of the center regular event is Indonesia Transportation Forum. It is a gathering that connects the Ministry of Transportation with all stakeholders, both state-owned enterprises, private companies, and associations working in the field of transportation.

On October, 26 2016, MPCTL together with the Ministry of Transportation of Republic of Indonesia held Indonesia Transportation and Logistics Power Breakfast with theme “Facing Asean Economic Communicty: Are you Ready?”.

The speakers :
Christianto Wibisono (Founder Chairman Indonesian Business Data Center), Yukki N. Hanafi (Chairman of Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders Association / Asosiasi Logistik dan Forwarder Indonesia), Zaldi Masita (Chairman of Indonesia Logistic Asociation/ Asosiasi Logistik Indonesia), Carmelita Hartoto (Chairman Indonesia National Shipowners Association), Tengku Burhanuddin (Secretary General of Indonesia National Air Carriers Association), and Adolf R. Tambunan (Secretary of Ministry of Transportation and Development Agency/ Sekretaris Badan Litbang Kementerian Perhubungan).


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