The Generation Y Contribution

Photo session with the participants

Photo session with the participants

Generation Y is an interesting segment to watch. These days, the generation is not only regarded as a promising market for many products, but also as influencers with a strong impact on other segments. If you run a company, employing generation Y also requires you to apply unique treatment since it possesses special characteristics.

Recognizing the increasing role of youngsters in the social community, the Jakarta CMO Club picked the theme of “Generation Y Contribution” in its 53rd forum at Datascrip.

“We are truly honored to be the host of the 53rd forum of Jakarta CMO Club. This is our second time hosting the respectable forum and we are delighted to do so,” said Joe Kamdani, Founder of Datascrip.

Mr. Joe Kamdani, Founder of PT Datascrip

Mr. Joe Kamdani, Founder of PT Datascrip

As a businessman with extensive experience, Joe has observed and experienced the business changes himself. For instance, in typewriter business, he pointed to how carbon paper-equipped traditional typewriter has now been replaced by a more advanced product. Uniquely, generation Y is the people who use technology better than any other previous generations. “When office supplies and equipment business changed, many businesses in this sector were closed. We nearly closed too. However, we managed to survive,” added Joe. He said the key to his success is the willingness to understand market changes and adapt to it. According to him, today’s young people are a very active generation, especially in the use of technology. Businesses cannot see the youngsters only as a market, but also pay attention to their role as employees. According to Datascrip’s Sales Director Liana Setiawan, 60% of Datascrip’s employees are generation Y. He said one of this generation’s unique characteristics is to resign after two years of work. In addition, this generation is more communal and dynamic. Therefore, Datacrip has adjusted its approach to their behavior.

Sharing with Nanan Sukarna and Hermawan Kartajaya

Sharing with Nanan Sukarna and Hermawan Kartajaya

“One of the things Datascrip has changed is the office layout and design. If previously we made cubicle partition high, we have now designed it at lower height. Similarly, we cannot administer the work-monitoring system manually. We created a technology-based system to monitor the performance of our employees,” added Liana.

In agreement, Joe said we could not just offer money to maintain generation Y. Besides, he emphasized the importance of non-financial aspects such as passion, happiness and satisfaction these youngsters find at work. Obviously, financial and non-financial incentives should be provided in balance. “Even though non-financial satisfaction is important, we cannot rely on such idealism only. We also have to consider realistic aspects such as the thickness of their pockets,” said Joe.


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