Wonderful Cirebon, Wonderful Train


The latest meeting of Jakarta CMO Club has been held uniquely. Instead of taking place in a fancy hotel, the 40th meeting of Jakarta CMO Club has been held o n kai’s presidential travel carriage during One Day trip to Cirebon.

Beside the member of Jakarta CMO Club, some reputable fi gures were participating the trip in supporting Cirebon tourism and promoting travel package offered by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero).

Those distinguish guesses who have participated in the program were Chairperson of the Advisory Council to President Mr. Emil Salim, Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mr. Sapta Nirwandar, Tri-Founder of Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing (PKCAM) Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya, and some other names. As the host of program, CEO of Kereta Api Indonesia Ignasius Jonan was impressively presented the strategic reform of KAI to audience during the trip to Cirebon.


“This trip is designed to give a unique experience to passengers. We are all about to see the beautiful and valuable heritage of Cirebon as one destination of Indonesian tourism. Moreover, the trip which supported by Kereta Wisata is an integrated effort to accommodate travelers to amazing destination like Cirebon,” said Hermawan.

During the three hours trip to Cirebon, Mr. Jonan presented the KAI strategies to improve service and to innovate as well. Jonan explained that one of KAI strategies to deliver the best service is to be punctual. “Train is a different transportation than others. When you travel by plane, you might have a delay or late. Yet, you would never experienced any late or delay when you use train. We committed to be on time in order to meet train schedule, and we have our own railway,” said Jonan. Once the train has reached Cirebon station, a fascinating traditional dance of Cirebon welcomed the participants in amazing way. Some talented dancers performed the traditional dance professionally. It was rainy when the group reached Cirebon. Even though, the excitement continued until three busses which brought the participants to Trusmi batik shopping center reached the destination.

It was a beautiful place that designed as batik shopping center of Cirebon. Visitors have been exposed to various design and many attractive colors of batik. Trusmi is a primary place of Cirebon batik which also offered delicious taste of traditional cuisine. After grabbing some purchases, participants explored Cirebon much deeper and continued the trip to another destination.

The next destination was Keraton Kasepuhan which located in a strategic area of Cirebon. It used to be the capital of Cirebon kingdom. Keraton Kasepuhan was the grandest and most well-preserved palace in Cirebon. It has the legacy of Cirebon history and preserved heirlooms of Cirebon kingdom. Moreover, every architecture of Keraton Kasepuhan have a value and historical meaning. Surrounded by big trees and green terrain, Keraton Kasepuhan provided fresh air and relaxing sensation of rural life.

Spending such an hour in Keraton Kasepuhan was not enough. Yet, participants had to come back on busses and headed to Cirebon Station, this time to go back to Jakarta. Within another three hours trip to go home, Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mr. Sapta Nirwandar hosted a discussion about Wonderful Cirebon as part of Indonesian tourism. In his presentation, Sapta encouraged the integration of different parties, named government, public, and private business, to promote Indonesian heritage.

“Cirebon is a strategic city. It can be reached within three hours from Jakarta, and same length from Semarang. Culinary, batik, Tari Topeng, and Gunung Jati are some enticing parts of Cirebon tourism waiting to explore,” Sapta said.

In addition, Cirebon still has many things to offer. To name some of them are historical and religious tourism, sport, and glass carving workshop. Sapta said people can reach Cirebon either by train or ship. “It’s all up to the public to choose whatever transportation they prefer. If they want a voyage, PELNI has a travel package to Cirebon via Biyawak Island in Indramayu.”

Indeed, Cirebon has been becoming alternative destination to spend weekend and holidays. Its various culture and heritage were unbearably attractive to visitors. Cirebon has salience and distinctive offer to make visitors relaxed. After several hours, the train has reached Gambir Station and it almost dark. Participants were directed to committee’s booth to take their portrait as their souvenir.


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