Lifestyle Positioning Ala W Singapore Sentosa Cove


Business tourism is always growing and will never ends. However, the doer in the world of hospitality is making the best marketing strategy to survive in the competition. If there is no strong differentiation, the hotel could be cease instantly. That is why, W Singapore positioned itself not just a place to stay, but also as a fashion brand, lifestyle, music, and art design, until then to become a trend setter. Therefore, brand activation activities held six months before the hotel opened. “Although W Singapore – Sentosa Cove is a hotel, but we do not sell rooms,” said Rosmalia Hardman, Sales & Director of W Singapore Sentosa Cove at Chief Marketing Offi cer (CMO) Gathering held at Keraton, The Plaza, last November 2012.

As a lifestyle and trend setter brand, the new hotel was inaugurated on September 16th 2012. The hotel was designed by wellknown designer, experts of best cocktail bars in the world, and also famous Disk- Jockey to spin up some tunes. Rosmalia explained, at least three concepts of brand activation is done by W Singapore.First, brand immersion objectives, it explains the concept of W Singapore as the best. The Second isengagement, creating a two way communication with the public. Finally, brand reputation, the stage when the public began to recognize and discuss the W Singapore. Not only that, the party became a mandatory continuing event to be held ahead of the opening up to a few days after opening. “We even challenge our self to invite journalists to celebrate when W Singapore was still in progress W-shaped structure. Yet we compiling it into a special event so that the journalists happy and W Singapore began to be known publicly,” said Rosmalia.


Various brand activation from W Singapore is giving a good results. According to Rosmalia, the current level of residential at W Singapore is mostly fully charged. In addition to a very strong branding, W Singapore is conveniently located in the Sentosa Island. In addition, access to the center of the city is easy, W Singapore offer panoramic views of the harbor. Hermawan Kartajaya, CEO and Founder MarkPlus, Inc. gave his opinion about making a differential positionin g. W Singapore hotel concept can be regarded as Marketing 3.0. “W Singapore is not just selling products, but to sell its experience. W Singapore is able to touch the fundamental in modern marketing, the human spirit, “he said.

It should be clear enough, all the strategy was not in vain. W Singapore is becoming the one that are managed to attract the attention on Singapore’s tourism industry.


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