Reach Customer, Gold’s Gym Rely On Excitement Strategies

Rarely Exercise Habits Make The Indonesian People Affected Obesity. Gold’s Gym Also Invites People To Live Healthy. Their Marketing Strategy Is Excitement Experience For Their Customers.

“Usually, overweight has its own difficulty to be accepted. But today, it become a commonplace,” said Francis Wanandi, CEO of Gold’s Gym Indonesia regarding the public perception today, at Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Meeting at Gold’s Gym Thamrin City in early November 2012.

Francis highlighted the bad habits about healthy and exercise infrequently based from the data that have been found. In Indonesia, 10% of men have symptoms of obesity. The percentage is more distressing for women because of the fact that 15% underwent the same. Even more surprisingly, children are also experiencing obesity.

“Back then, when the technology has not moving so much further, kids spend more time to play outdoors. Today, kids would prefer to play games on consoles, tablet, or smartphone. This is one of the causes to gain obesity because they are rarely moves,” said Francis.

Seeing this phenomenon, Gold’s Gym comes to change the existing perceptions and encourage people to live healthy through exercise. According to Francis, Gold’s Gym are campaigning for healthy exercise, at least with a lot of body movement. “The chair is our enemy,” said Francis.

In addition to campaign healthy exercise, Gold’s Gym is building consumer perception, which comes to the fitness to bare excitement. One of the excitements is to offer the perception that would spawned the gym can be a place for networking. From there, Gold’s Gym trying further to engage consumers through its programs,” said Francis.

CEO and Founder of MarkPlus, Inc, Hermawan Kartajaya said the fitness business is fairly rare and unusual. “This business is going to flourish if it is not on the marketing well. There must be something that can be a plus point that customers would come to the gym, “he said.
Gold’s Gym relies on the three pillars of the marketing strategy to reach consumer excitement. The first thing is looking for new members. Second how to maintain the regular member to be proud as part of Gold’s Gym. The third one is to build the value of loyal customers.


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