The Democratic Policing, In Support Of The Indonesians Business Towards World-Class


The 33rd Jakarta CMO Club Power Dinner was held at National Police Headquarters offi ce in Jakarta by Deputy Chief of National Police ,Brigadier General Nanan Soekarna. The event was attended by Chief of National Police General Timur Pradopo, former Chief of Police Awaludin Jamin, also many other prominent national Police offi cers. Hosted by Hermawan Kartajaya, it was also attended by CMOs and CEOs such as Purnomo Prawiro, SarwotoAtmosutarno, I Nyoman G Wiryanata, Hengky Setiawan, Sudirman MR, TanriAbeng and Joe Kamdani.

The theme of The 33rd Jakarta CMO Club was “The Democratic Policing, In Support of the Indonesians Business towards World- Class”. Chief of National Police, Timur Pradopo was giving opening speech, and explaining about relationship between police and entrepreneurs, as well as how the role of National Police into democratic Police who can support the corporate business towards world-class, also to protect corporate businesses in Indonesia in order to do business safely and to compete internationally.

Being law enforcement offi cers is not that easy, police often encountered obstacles when serving people in the fi eld. The world is increasingly horizontal and transparent now. National Police have a dilemmatic task, whereby all the duties have to be without violence and violation of Human Rights as well as freedom from KKN (Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism).

One example of the dilemmatic tasks was the shutting down of the toll lanes due to Labor demonstration in late January 2012. In such cases, the police can act decisively to the demonstrators who shut the road. However the violent act is not the best way because it may cause victims and Police can be accused of violating human rights.

Therefore, although the toll lanes was shut for several hours, and the President asked Chief of National Police to immediately take action by negotiation path by inviting the Minister of Manpower to have open discussion with the protesters rather than taking violent actions.

Another case complained by entrepreneurs was the ‘illegal’ charges (pungli) in Tanjung Priok Port. Police were not able yet to catch the perpetrators of ‘illegal’ charges if local police on duty also involved. Therefore, National Police should regulate these offi cers before catching them.


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