The 31st Power Dinner Event of Jakarta CMO Club

Hiramsyah S. Thaib and Hermawan Kartajaya

Hiramsyah S. Thaib and Hermawan Kartajaya

The Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing (PKCAM) held the 31st Power Dinner of Jakarta CMO Club on Friday, November 25, 2011 at the South Gate Lobby, Epicentrum Walk, Rasuna Epicentrum Complex, Jakarta. The theme of this event–”Urban Nature: Harmonizing Technology, Art and Life”–was initiated by Hiramsyah S. Thaib, President Director & CEO of PT Bakrieland Development, Tbk (the host), and Hermawan Kartajaya, Tri-founder of PKCAM (co-host).

The host and the participants of the 31st Power Dinner Event of Jakarta CMO Club

The host and the participants of the 31st Power Dinner Event of Jakarta CMO Club

During the event, Bakrieland Development share some insights related to the development of urban areas. Present as the keynote speaker this evening, Prof. Moh. Danisworo, Ir., M. Arch., MUP., Ph.D. He is an emeritus professor of the School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development, Bandung Institute of Technology and Head of the Center for Urban Design Studies.


Prof. Moh. Danisworo

The first insight is a city must have a number of requirements such as adequate transportation infrastructure and efficient lifestyle. Therefore to meet these requirements, building a superblock is the best way for cities to sustain. PT Bakrieland Development, is an integrated property developer that engages in four business units namely City Property, Landed Residential, Hotel & Resort and propertyrelated infrastructure.

As the first and largest superblock developer in the Central Business District Jakarta (Rasuna Epicentrum), Bakrieland has successfully developed a range of urban properties, residential estates, and world-class hotels and resorts in strategic and prestigious locations in Indonesia. In 2009, with its successful completion of its first toll road project, Kanci – Pejagan toll road (35 km), Bakrieland became the only property company in Indonesia to have a business unit which operates a large scale toll road development. All of Bakrieland’s projects emphasize an eco-friendly concept and considers the benefits for the local community.

Joe Kamdani, Hengky Setiawan and Johnny Sugiarto

Joe Kamdani, Hengky Setiawan and Johnny Sugiarto

Bakrieland’s commitment to incorporate economic interest (profit), social empathy (people) and active participation in environmental preservation (planet) into its business operations is accomplished through the development of the integrated “Bakrieland Goes Green” (BGG) program. The BGG Program aims to support the development of properties with a concern for sustainable quality of the environment, the society and the economy through the implementation of Green Architecture, Green Operation and Green Attitude. Through Green Architecture and Green Operation, BGG program focuses its resources on sustainable environment, such as on energy saving and waste reduction arises from operational, design and building facilities. The Green Attitude program aims to empower stakeholders in the sectors of social economy and culture.


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